Where is Dosoledo?

Dosoledo is in the northern Veneto, part of Comelico Superiore, and just a few kilometers from Austria.  With just over 500 citizens, it has the feel of a closed mountain community. But oh, those mountains that cradle it!  UNESCO, having named the Dolomites a world heritage site, has this to say about them: The Dolomites The site of the Dolomites comprises a mountain range in … Continue reading Where is Dosoledo?

Young Clementina

Clementina was born on September 23, 1898.  Or rather, Marianna Clementina De Martin Mazzalon was born that day.  Yes, her actual first name was Marianna, but she was always called Clementina.  She had two older brothers: Gabriele Arcangelo, born in 1884, and Fortunato, born in 1891; and two older sisters: Orsola, born in 1886, and Maria, born in 1895.  In 1903 the last sibling, Daniele Giuseppe, … Continue reading Young Clementina

Letter From Maria

Dosoledo November 27, 1918 Dear brothers and sisters, This evening your telegram arrived.  You can imagine what a pleasure it was after a year of not hearing any news of you.  We’re happy to hear that you are all well, we too are all alive, we’re getting by so-so, mamma hasn’t been well for a few days but she gets up every day.  From Uncle … Continue reading Letter From Maria

Letter from Maria

Dosoledo, April 29, 1917 Dearest ones, Clementina’s letter arrived and everyone was happy, thank you.  But it was amazing to hear that you haven’t received anything from us, since after Christmas we surely sent five, six, three, registered mail.  We hope the by now you have received them.  Believe me, when we didn’t receive anything after the New Year’s wishes,  we were a bit worried … Continue reading Letter from Maria

School in the Early 20th Century

At the beginning of the 20th century kindergarten didn’t exist and children went to school at six years old.  Third grade, regularly repeated to prolong the scholastic period, ended the only obligatory  cycle of instruction. In 1907 you could attend fourth grade, the following year the fifth, and in 1910 the sixth grade.  The numerous classes required the different teachers, often local people, to work … Continue reading School in the Early 20th Century

History of the DeMartin Name

NOTES ON THE FAMILY DEMARTIN MAZZALON e TREMOLO As far as can be determined, the lineage and author of the surname was a Martino of Dosoledo, son of a Salomone, brother of a Giovanni, father of a Pellegrino. January 4, 1278, Martino participated with other representatives of the Comune to bring to a close a pact of agreement between San Nicolo, San Stefano e San Pietro … Continue reading History of the DeMartin Name