Clementina DeMartin Mazzalon

Clementina was born on September 24, 1898, the fifth child and the third daughter of Giuseppe and Elisabetta. That she was born in a small village in the Dolomites, at that time in history, dictated the path her life would take. She watched the departure of her two older brothers and a sister to seek a life in America that would provide more opportunity, and … Continue reading Clementina DeMartin Mazzalon

Story of Edda

This is the story of the first Edda, as told by Clementina. Gabriele and Ersilia, Clementina’s oldest brother and his wife, visited the family in Dosoledo with their months-old firstborn daughter at the beginning of 1914.  Everyone was enchanted with Edda, and so happy to be able to see Gabriele again. Though Italy hadn’t formally entered the great war, preparations were being made and all … Continue reading Story of Edda

Brothers & Sisters

Gabriele Arcangelo, born September 3, 1884, died 1932.  Married Ersilia, born June 15, 1892, died July 1972.   Daughter Edda born October 19, 1913, died 1918.  Son Delmo born, died.  Daughter Edda born January 30, 1918, died October 3, 1989. Orsola married Giuseppe Mario.  Aldo born January 30, 1914, died March 1985.  Rita, Vito born July 11, 1918, died February 12, 1994, Vera born August … Continue reading Brothers & Sisters