The Hearth

This photo is of an old fireplace or hearth (“larin”, in dialect). Around the cracking flames was black soot. Before the smoke wandered the hallways and stairs, it flavored the pork that hung on special poles anchored to the ceiling, which in turn energized the already robust appetites. The hearth was usually in the middle of the darkened wall, surrounded by worn benches towards which … Continue reading The Hearth

Setting Sail

Even today, it’s a long way from Dosoledo to New York City.  When Clementina left home in May of 1915, she faced a nearly month-long journey that included a horse-drawn carriage to Genoa and the last passenger ship to leave Italy during World War I.  Along with a few possessions, she traveled with her niece Edda, the 19-month-old daughter of her brother Gabriele and his wife Ersilia.  Clementina … Continue reading Setting Sail

Official Pronouncements World War I, 1916

TOWN HALL COMELICO SUPERIORE BOMBS, HAND GRENADES AND PROJECTILES To avoid accidents and damages from accidental explosions of bombs dropped from airplanes, the Command of the troops operating in the Eastern sector of Trentino-Tirol, has ordered the following: Whoever discovers bombs, hand grenades and projectiles of whatever type, still unexploded, is obliged to not touch them and to prevent others from touching them, and to … Continue reading Official Pronouncements World War I, 1916